Douthitt's Model Magic 83
Combination Light Integrator and Digital Timer

Quality demands control and consistency. Light source variations affect the quality of your exposed film, plates, screens or proofs. With microprocessor technology these precision instruments automatically compensate for these variations by adjusting the length of the exposure to provide the correct amount of light every time. These integrators can also be set up to control vacuum draw down time to eliminate another variable.

Magic 83 Light Integrator

Price Includes:

  1. Ten (10) programmable memories.
  2. Large, easy to read display that counts down and resets after each exposure.
  3. Vacuum time delay.
  4. Remote control of two lights or up to three intensity levels on Olec Printing Lamps.
  5. Simple design for ease of operation.
  6. Complete 15 foot photo cell. Unit can be ordered with different photo cells to better suit specific needs.
  7. Photometer.

OLIX Model 975SC

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