Douthitt Direct Method Screenmaker


Automated Start and Cancel

Easy Loading Height

Guaranteed Coverage


Price Includes:

  1. Complete 5000 Watt Metal Halide Printing Lamp Assembly.
  2. Glass down design. Simply load, close, expose.
  3. No limit to height of screen because of special Douthitt “Deep Draw” Black Blanket. Under vacuum, this blanket swiftly molds itself to the shape of the screen frame and holds your positive in perfect contact.
  4. Douthitt Heavy Duty Model Magic 83 - 10 memory combination light integrator and digital timer.
  5. Completely automatic operation. Vacuum delay and light exposure activated by closing the frame.
  6. Cooling fans to insure against excessive heat build-up.
  7. Heavy duty pump and motor.
  8. Instrument panel conveniently mounted on side of unit.
  9. All heavy gauge metal construction.
  10. Large convenient access door on left side of unit.


(A) Douthitt Heavy Duty Model 26 Silent Air Pumps instead of standard pump and motor (this pump requires compressed air). For Details.
(B) 8000 Watt Metal Halide Printing Lamp assembly instead of standard lamp.

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